Joint R&D effort to develop an EV inverter based on GaN technology


Highest performance and reliability for automotive applications


Increasing EV car range and saving CO2


“GaN Devices: The Game Changers”

PCIM 2020 Wide Band Gap Forum

We drive technology for a better planet

VisIC’s industry-leading GaN power transistors are the building blocks of unparalleled efficiency gains in the powertrain of electric cars. The D3GaN technology semiconductors allow for smaller, lower cost, more efficient systems, extending the range of electric cars.


50% lower losses with industry-leading power density, for most efficient and cost performance for EV drive-line system.

On-Board Chargers

On-Board-Chargers fueled with D3GaN technology lower system cost with ½ weight, 3 x power density and simplified cooling

Industrial applications

VisIC’s semiconductors allow significant efficiency improvements and cost reductions in industrial applications, electric engines, data centers, and renewable energy among others.


8mOhm D3GaN Power Switch

VisIC unveils new 8mOhm power switch for EV Inverters

Low Ron power GaN switch based on D3GaN technology for the EV market The new solution designed specifically for the EV Inverter application VisIC Technologies Ltd., a global leader in gallium nitride (GaN) devices for automotive high-voltage applications, is proud to...

VisIC and AB Mikroelektronik GmbH, a major player in automotive battery disconnect switches, collaborate to develop a D³GaN based high voltage solid-state battery disconnect switch for electric drive systems

Reliable battery disconnect and short circuit protection is required for high voltage battery systems Fast D3GaN switching is a key advantage for a high voltage solid-state battery disconnect switch D3GaN developed for the automotive grade requirements VisIC...

VisIC Technologies raises Series E to support growing EV market

The new financing round will allow the emerging GaN power electronics supplier to deliver high performing GaN products to the growing electric transportation industry segment MediaTek to invest in VisIC’s series E VisIC’s D3GaN technology developed for electrical...

100kW motor inverter reference design for 800V power-bus based on D3GaN

VisIC’s D3GaN technology powers most cost-effective inverters up to 800V power-bus March 16, 2020 VisIC Technologies Ltd., a Gallium Nitrate (GaN) power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing Automotive, Data Centers and Industrial markets, today announced...

VisIC partners with ZF for next generation EV inverters

VisIC partners with ZF for next-generation EV inverters Joint R&D effort to develop an EV inverter based on gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology VisIC’s D3GaN technology, with lowest losses per RDS(on) combined with ZF’s highly efficient EV driveline...

VisIC’s smallest 6.7kW On-Board-Charger Reference Design

March 19, 2019 Best Power Density of 3kW/L and lightweight of 4.5kg VisIC Technologies, Ltd is a GaN power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing markets of Automotive, Data Centers and Industrial, today announced the availability of its On-Board-Charger...

600Amp Half-Bridge Development Platform

6 x V22 in parallel with excellent current sharing capability May 6, 2019 VisIC Technologies, a GaN power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing automotive, data centers and industrial markets, today announced the availability of its 6 x V22N65A...


Power Conference 2020

Why D-Mode and specifically D3GaN for High Voltage E-Drive automotive systems

December 8-9, 2020

SMART Mobility Forum 2020

Gallium Nitride Technology to Meet Automotive High-Reliability Requirements

February 15-19, 2021

Automechanika Shanghai 2020

Shanghai international trade fair for automotive parts, equipment, and service suppliers

December 2-5, 2020