International Semiconductor Executive summit

The ISES EU 2023 Summit, which will take place on Sep 14th-15th in Italy, brings together power semiconductor professionals from around the globe, providing opportunities to learn from and engage with industry leaders.
The summit will provide a unique platform for networking and expanding of knowledge base.  Supporting the semiconductor industry’s growth is promoting collaboration among the trusted network, uniting semiconductor companies facing common challenges.

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VisIC Technologies is proud to take part in the ISES EU 2023 and participate in the most intriguing panel:

Panel Participate: Dieter Liesabeths, SVP of Product, VisIC Technologies

Subject:  What is the Future of SiC, GaN, and IGBT in EV?

When: Sep 15th, 13:30 – 14:250

Abstract:  The electrification of the automotive industry (with the trend to shift from 400V to 800V battery systems), its peripherals, and the increasing trend toward clean energy & storage have catapulted the demand for WBG products into overdrive in lieu of legacy technologies such as IGBTs. This includes both SiC and GaN technologies in their respective segments and the continued use of IGBTs. Such large demand for a relatively young set of technologies is also coupled with an infantile and undeveloped supply chain. This discussion will center around how to manage and grow such demand within and in parallel to an immature manufacturing infrastructure.