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Management Team

VisIC Technologies was founded in 2010 with the goal of advancing Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology into mainstream usage. The initial team consisted of distinguished materials and device scientists with profound experience in technology. After a number of groundbreaking developments in materials processing and device design, resulting in a number of international patents being issued, it was decided that the technology was perfectly suited for use in the automotive industry.

The team steadily grew at company headquarters in Ness Ziona, Israel and the development effort of robust devices started. Based on the foundations of the fundamental science the development team arrived at an optimized design of one of the most reliable, high voltage, high current (650V, 100A) transistor designs. The design was neither based upon enhancement-mode GaN with its inherent gate limitations nor the restrictive performance of cascode depletion-mode GaN. The D3GaN era arrived with the novel Depletion-mode Direct Drive GaN technology emerging as an eminently suitable technology meeting the demand of highly reliable and extremely robust product needed in critical drive applications of the electric vehicle market.

VisIC Technologies works with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as a foundry source for the proprietary D3GaN process.

The company continues growing and preparing for the highly competitive, high volume automotive market adopting the relevant quality procedures and best practices for the target industry. The development hasn’t halted and new devices and modules are being designed along with novel topologies to increase performance that is demanded by the very dynamic electric vehicle market.

Today VisIC Technologies is a leader in automotive GaN products providing previously unseen levels of performance in its focused product portfolio.