Why VisIC?

  • Team with decades of experience with GaN technology, leading to a technological edge and to commercialization
  • The early decision for D-mode technology, the leading reliable technology for automotive inverters
  • Highest reliability and quality metrics fulfilled
  • Proven and working R&D use-cases within automotive inverters and OCBs

Not all GaN transistors are alike. There are two different technologies, D-mode and E-mode. VisIC was an early adopter and supporter of D-mode technology, ultimately the only technology that has proven to enable high-power automotive use-cases, due to its higher gate drive safety margin and higher gate drive noise immunity. VisIC’s original D3GaN (direct drive d-mode) solution is designed to extract the full GaN power devices’ potential. Better switching performance than cascade topologies and better robustness than enhancement mode devices.

VisIC has produced the first GaN-based transistors used in automotive inverters and is now in the development and evaluation phase with several OEMs and Tier 1s for series production.