VisIC Technologies at Scape 2024

Welcome to SCAPE 2024 at Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, Sweden!
WBG Power Center and RISE, in collaboration with Yole Group are pleased to announce the international workshop in applications of wide bandgap (WBG) power electronics, SCAPE 2024. The event will cover the latest results and innovations in power electronics applications of wide bandgap materials, such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride.
SCAPE 2024 (previously known as ISiCPEAW and IWBGPEAW) is a three-day event, consisting of two workshop days, May 14 – 15, preceded by one tutorial day, May 13.
From May 13 to 15, international experts will meet in Stockholm to share their expertise, recent developments and visions of electronics applications based on wide bandgap materials.


SCAPE 2024, International Wide-Bandgap Power Electronics Application Workshop  –

Panel Subject: Power Module Packaging Technologies & Designs: actual solutions and future trends
Dieter Liesabeths, SVP of Product, will talk about  about: “GaN power devices and power modules”
When:  May 14-15, (09:00-18:50, 09:00-16:00)
Location: Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm

The presentation will concentrate of the integration of D3GAN technology in todays power module form factor and the constraint arising from fast switching devices.

The GaN-on-Silicon HEMT transistors need’s a different approach as it has a lateral current flow compared to the conventional Si-IGBT and SiC-Mosfets which has a vertical current flow and therefore needs a different integration support.