Weekly ’10 Most Read’ new products of PowerPulse.Net

VisIC was announced as one of the weekly ’10 Most Read’ new products by the readers of PowerPulse.Net twice since March.

VisIC Technologies, Ltd is a GaN power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing markets of Automotive, Data Centers and Industrial was announced as one of the weekly ’10 Most Read’ new products by the readers of PowerPulse.Net twice since March.
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GaN-Based AEC-Q100 6.7kW On-Board-Charger Ref Design had been demonstrated for the first-time during Electronica China 2019 in Shanghai. The 6.7kW OBC features size and weight of only 2.3L and 4.5kg respectively, providing close to 3kW/L power density and proving the disruptive capability of GaN switches. This is 3 times better power density compared to commercially available products today. With the efficiency above 96% across a wide load range, it helps automotive manufacturers to reduce power losses and enables faster charging for electric car owners.
600A / 500V GaN Half-Bridge Development Platform had been demonstrated during PCIM Europe 2019 in Nuremberg. 600 Ampere peak current at 500V bus voltage is achieved with this board. The board is designed for optimal current sharing with inductance compensation between the 6 parallel devices.
“On average we publish over 50 stories per week. The ’10 Most Read’ list is chosen by our readers weekly,” said Paul Shepard, PowerPulse.net publisher. “Strong reader interest in VisIC Technologies products and updates makes PowerPulse.net a natural place for Power technology companies such as VisIC Technologies.”
Dr. Tamara Baksht, VisIC’s CEO and founder explains that VisIC’s products have generated worldwide interest and reader interest recognizes the suitability of our products and approach using GaN in power systems. In addition, Tamara said “VisIC’s technology is the best semiconductor technology for Automotive xEV power train systems such as On-Board Chargers (OBC) and Traction Inverters. The interest in our product and technology from customers worldwide is a great honor for us.”