VM800 – 650V, 800A

Half-Bridge GaN Module

VM800HB65-S2AB1 Preliminary Datasheet


The VM800HB65-S2AB1 Half Bridge module integrates a four 8mOhm 650V GaN switch in parallel for a half bridge configuration.VisIC D3 GaN technology uses high-density,lateral GaN power transistor, into a Normally -Off product with extremely low RDS(ON) and exceptionally efficient switching performance.The integrated safety functions ensure safe operation during system start up and shutdown,while having no impact on the switching performance of the GaN transistor.  Gate drive booster stages are incorporated in order to enable low gate loop inductance and miller spike mitigation.

Key features

  • Cu base plate for ease heatsink attachment
  • High Treshold voltage for fast switching transients
  • High performance AlN ceramic.
  • Standard 15V gate drive voltage


  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Traction Inverter
  • High Power DC-DC Converter

Key performance parameters

VDS650 V
RDS(ON) 2.2 mΩ
QG444 nC
ID460 A
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