This module is designed to be used in future electric vehicles with improved performance and reduced cost. The Transfer Molded Half Bridge module integrates VisIC technologies future 2nd Generation GaN Technology for a 400Arms class inverters, and can be paralleled for higher power.


Key features

  • Improved On State Resistance
  • 175C Max Tj
  • Low inductance terminal connection to Busbars
  • Weldable power terminals
  • Thermal case designed for sintering to the heatsink
  • High Threshold voltage for fast switching transients
  • High performance SiN ceramic substrate.
  • Standard 15V gate drive voltage
  • NTC sensor
  • Package Size 50x30x5mm


  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Traction Inverter
  • High Power DC-DC Converter

Key performance parameters

VDS650 V
QG480 nC
ID400 A

2.7mΩ-650V-Half Bridge

Power Module