VisIC’s D3GaN technology for xEV traction inverter

August 28, 2019

VisIC’s D3GaN technology for xEV traction inverter applications to be presented at Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV
Automotive systems require highly reliable solutions that VisIC’s D3GaN technology enables

VisIC Technologies, a GaN power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing automotive and industrial markets, will take part in the Advanced Power Electronics for EV/HEV, held in Munich, Germany, September 10-12, 2019.
Power electronics is becoming one of the crucial areas in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. With the high demands in range and efficiency, the urge for more reliable, efficient and durable power devices and modules continues to grow. In this conference, the major semiconductor manufacturers, powertrain and charging systems suppliers and OEMs will gather to discuss the latest developments and remaining challenges in this field.
On September 10, 14:40 VisIC’s Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, Elijah Bunin, will present at APE:
“New power electronics enable compact, cool and efficient xEV power train inverters”
The demands from power electronics systems increase with the rise of electric vehicles. The new electric vehicles demand lower weight, higher efficiency, simplified thermal design and lower system cost in next-generation On-Board Chargers (OBCs), inverters and DC/DC systems. Gallium Nitride power devices show great promise to solve the challenges of the automotive industry. Today, Si technology struggles to hit the performance targets while SiC can have high volume supply and cost concerns. VisIC is aiming to provide a focused high power GaN solution to the e-mobility market. Existing high power VisIC GaN devices designed for the automotive market enable above state-of-the-art electrical and thermal performance for power levels starting from 3.3kW to hundreds of kWs while keeping a comparable system cost. The talk will include:

  • Presentation of GaN solution for high current requirements
  • Analysis of thermal performance and efficiency of GaN solution for power train
  • Presentation of GaN technology as an enabler for eMobility
  • Analysis and comparison of emerging technologies

On September 12, 08:00 VisIC’s VP of Reliability and Qualification, Kurt Smith, will take part in the workshop “Reliability testing and assessment for power electronics”:
The reliability of power electronics is one of the main factors for making electric vehicles a mass-market reality. A lot of research has been carried out to improve this aspect. Yet, how does one test reliability and make conclusions about how reliable a power electronic unit is? In this workshop, we will explore different test methods and experimental results at system, subsystem, component and packaging levels.
Dr. Kurt Smith has over 20 years’ experience to qualify GaN technology will talk about VisIC D3GaN is the most reliable GaN technology for Automotive applications.
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