VisIC to present in the Green Auto Summit in Stuttgart:

ChipEX 2021

Dr. Tamara Baksht, VisIC’s CEO,  had presented the latest developments in the field of GaN power electronics for the automotive segment. Innovations are critical for the inverter applications, such as short circuit protection and slew rate control, to enable GaN-based 400V and 800V bus Inverter system.

October 19-20, 2020Stuttgart, Germany


“The demand in the automotive industry is continually increasing. New changes bring out innovative solutions, as well as new challenges that the industry must face. Both suppliers and passenger car manufacturers integrate environmental, technological, and economic developments in order to remain competitive.
The closed-door environment of the Green Auto Summit 2020 will draw out ideas for upcoming regulations and facilitate effective decision-making. The participants will learn new approaches to sustainability and find potential partners during networking activities. The target to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by a total of 35 percent by 2030 draw out many discussions and responses to current and upcoming regulations.
Immersing into the innovative world of the automotive industry, experts and renowned professionals will discuss strategies, funding new projects to policies and digital transformation, while exhibitors are set to reveal the most cutting-edge solutions.
Industry professionals and policymakers will delve into debates on the next generation of electric vehicles, delivering electric vehicle efficiency, V2G Technology, and the vital topic of safety and legislation. The focus of the event is on environment-friendly technologies key trends, challenges, and opportunities in Europe, as well as regional impacts and domestic priorities.”

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