VisIC to present at the WBG forum, PCIM Digital Days 2021

May 5th, 2021 15:25 – 16:25 CET | Online

“It is all about thermals. Reducing loss is the key in any application. GaN devices are able to reduce conduction loss and switching loss. This has resulted in lower heat dissipation in comparison to silicon solutions and we now have higher power output or smaller heat sinks, depending on the operating temperature.”


PCIM Europe connects engineers and professionals from whole over the world and allows keeping track of news and trends in power electronics. Bodo’s Wide Band Gap panel discussion is an excellent opportunity to know more about the last SiC and GaN devices’ progress. VisIC is specializing in the GaN-based transistors for automotive applications and Mr. Ran Soffer, SVP of Sales and Marketing will talk about the advantages of GaN for EV applications at the Forum followed by a Q&A session.

About PCIM

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