VisIC to present at the E-Mobility forum, PCIM Digital Days 2021

E-mobility-Forum PCIM 2021

“The E-Mobility Forum discusses the entire value chain around the topic of electric mobility in specialist lectures. New developments and challenges in power electronics for different applications (electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, charging infrastructure, payment systems, etc.) are considered.”

May 5th, 2021 13:30 – 14:00 CET | Online

“Cost and Performance Benefits of VisIC D3GaN devices for 800V EV inverters”

The electrical car industry is moving fast for 10s of millions of electric cars to be produced in 2025, with governments across the world incentivizing OEMs to increase the EV share.

While working on the 800V solution we realized it is more efficient to provide a multi-level topology for the 800V DC bus. After investigating different multi-level topologies we concluded that flying-capacitor is the most compact and efficient solution. In this presentation, you will be able to see the D3GaN advantages and its implementation for multi-level topology and the reasoning for choosing flying capacitor topologies such as lower switching losses and reduced current ripples.

One of the most important application in the new car is the inverter that transfer energy from the storage battery to the E-motor.

In the past IGBT semiconductor technology was the go-to solution for such high voltage high current applications, however, now the market is looking for a more efficient solution with the introduction of WBG devices.

These new technologies promise lower switching and conduction losses and thus higher vehicle efficiency.

Even though the vast majority of the current DC-bus voltage is 400V it is important to provide a solution also for 800V DC-bus voltage for high-end electrical passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The D3GaN technology was developed for the EV market for a reliable, compact, and efficient solution for 400V. By using D-Mode GaN which has been proven for automotive by the industry and applying proprietary improvements to the base structure VisIC has achieved the best in class high voltage power semiconductor.

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