VisIC Technologies at IWIPP 2022

IWIPP is a conference designed to bring together the most excellent packaging and systems to discuss the industry’s most complex issues. The conference aims to provide the opportunity to engage in a meaningful discussion about the latest technologies and techniques in both industry and academia, from early-stage research to volume manufacturing, ensuring a learning environment is fostered for all.

VisIC Technologies is glad to announce that Tamara Baksht, CEO, will be a keynote speaker at the event in the “Power Module and Manufacturing Processes” session.

Title: “Paving the Way to Automotive GaN: The Importance of Packaging.”
Time: August 24th at 13:00

Power packaging has a critical impact on power switches’ performance in traction inverters since it controls power dissipation and thus dictates maximal junction temperature and maximum current of power switches. In wide band gap semiconductor (WBG) based products for inverter traction, such as SiC and especially GaN, drain and gate inductances limit maximal operation voltage due to voltage spike caused by high current  switched in an extremely short time, sometimes as short as 10 – 20 ns for 300A – 500A. Therefore, careful alignment of semiconductor design and power package design is required to realize the performance level expected from WBG semiconductors.

In this work, we present an 800A module based on D3GaN (Direct Drive D-mode) technology, with a maximal rating of 650V and extremely low switching energy and voltage overshoot.

Please join us 😊