VisIC Technologies at EEHE 2022, 22-23/6/22

by | May 13, 2022 | Events

The EEHE was created 10 years ago by combining the HDT conferences “Energy Management and Onboard Networks,” “Electrics / Electronics in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles,” and “Motor Start / Stop Systems” and has established itself internationally as a discussion platform.

With a strong technical focus at this conference, the Haus der Technik brings together developers, users, and researchers and promotes professional exchange on the following topics.

VisIC Technologies will present its products on a designed stand that you are welcome to visit. Moreover, Our VP of Power Electronics will present our 800V inverter. 

Session 1: Power Electronics: Traction Inverters

Presentation Title: 800V multi-level inverter with VisIC’s D3GaN for more efficient power train

Dima Novo

Speaker: Dima Novo, VP of Power Electronics

Time: June 22nd, 10:25 – 11:55

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Presentation Abstract:

The electrical car industry is rapidly growing, with a forecasted 10s of million electric cars manufactured by 2025. Governments across the world are incentivizing OEMs to increase EV share. One of the most critical modules in EV is the inverter that transfers energy from the battery to the E.Motor. In the past, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology was the go-to solution for such high voltage high current applications. However, with the introduction of the Wide Bandgap Devices (WBG) technologies,  the EV market is expecting more efficient solutions.
These innovative technologies promise lower switching and conduction losses hence higher vehicle efficiency. Even though most of the current E-drivetrains use 400V batteries, it is vital to provide a solution for 800V E-drivetrains for high-end electrical passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
The D3GaN (Direct Drive D-Mode) technology was developed for the EV market, featuring a reliable, compact, and efficient solution for 400V DC-bus. By using D-Mode GaN and applying proprietary improvements to the base structure, VisIC has achieved the best-in-class high voltage power semiconductor, which has passed all automotive qualification tests.

This presentation will show the reasons for choosing a multi-level topology, the D3GaN implementation, and its advantages.