VisIC at the EV Engineering Conference, by Charged EV magazine

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Dr. Kurt V. Smith, VisIC’ VP of Reliability and Qualification,  to present at the Charged EV Conference, organized by “Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine”

September 1-3, 2020 | Online

GaN Power Devices for High-Reliability Applications

GaN power devices have shown great potential in the high efficiency and high power markets, especially in the high-reliability markets such as automotive applications.  Yet, not all GaN devices are the same.  To meet these demanding metrics, VisIC Technologies has chosen and designed a technology that best meets both the performance and high-reliability requirements.  This webinar will address the advantages and demonstrations related to these high-reliability requirements of VisIC’s depletion-mode D3GAN device.

Fully demonstrating the robustness of these devices requires looking at all parts of the device and how those elements are related to the different conditions of operation that the devices will be subjected to.  Understanding the failure modes is critical to determining the limiting factors for projecting device lifetime.  Through this approach, we have investigated the full device with particular focus on regions of concern such as the gate, which is a common concern for all semiconductor devices.  The robust nature of the D3GAN will be shown for off-state, on-state, and switching, including for the gate region.