VisIC at the ECCE 2021

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VisIC at the ECCE 2021

Special Session  “Coming Soon: Medium- and High-Voltage Gallium Nitride Power Devices”

Dr. Tamara Baksht, CEO, to present “650V Lateral GaN Devices and Modules for 400V and 800V EV Applications”

High-efficiency inverters are in high demand by the growing electric transportation industry. GaN HEMTs had been predicted to be a technology of choice to xEV inverters, and VisIC’s D3GaN platform confirms the advantages of GaN for this application both in 400V and 800V battery voltages. The static and dynamic performance, short circuit, and surge energy robustness will be presented, with specific examples in operation areas typical for power switches operating in motor inverters. Details of scaling in current – up to 650A – and voltage – up to 800V – will be discussed. 3-level high-efficiency flying capacitor inverter operating at 800V and 100Arms output current will be presented, and trade-offs will be discussed.      

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The five-day conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada | October 10 – October 14, 2021. ECCE is the pivotal international conference and exposition event on the electrical and electromechanical energy conversion field.

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