VisIC at the APEC 2022

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VisIC at the APEC 2022

Exhibitor Seminar: D3GaN for traction inverter – technology overview

Dr. Daniel Sherman, VP of R&D at VisIC Technologies, presented in the leading conference in North America for power electronic professionals.

EV HPEV and BEV will have significant growth in the next several years. The traction inverter is a key to making the cars efficient and affordable. Moving to the next technology, GaN and specifically D3GaN, is essential to meet the industry targets. This session will explain the practicalities of using D3GaN for traction inverters in a way you will be able to design and understand how to build an inverter with D3GaN.

VisIC will additionally welcome conference attendees in a designed booth in which we’ll present our latest Innovations and breakthrough technology.

To learn more, you are welcome to watch the full presentation