VisIC at Power Semiconductor User Forum 2023

The Power Semiconductor User Forum, on November 22nd and 23rd, 2023, will be held in Munich and is intended to provide practical insights and outlooks on power semiconductors, focusing on gallium nitride, silicon, and silicon carbide.

The conference conveys essential basics and application tips for MOSFET & Co.
Is a super-junction MOSFET sufficient for the desired application, or does switching to GaN or SiC transistors make more sense?
Will the selected driver IC also work with other power semiconductor technologies?
What deviations from the information in the datasheet can be expected? 
These questions and more will be answered at the conference.

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VisIC Technologies’ Session

Speaker: Dieter Liesabeths, SVP of Product, VisIC Technologies

Title: Readiness of D3GAN for Inverter in BEV

Time: Monday, November 23rd, 2023. Time: 11:45 AM

Abstract: The presentation will study D3GAN for power inverters in automotive drive trains. Before showing the results of the inverter testing under WLTP conditions, the presentation will focus on the different GaN implementation methods, followed by the best implementation practice for a power module for D3GAN. Side topics will be touched on, incl. gate control and short circuit detection and showing differences in SiC and Silicon transistor behaviors.