The D3GaN (Direct Drive D-Mode) V22TG065S1X04 Power Switch integrates a patented, high-density, lateral GaN power transistor, into a Normally – Off product with low RDS(ON) and exceptionally efficient switching performance. The D3GaN technology has been implemented into an Isolated High-Power SMD package – it is very effective in applications requiring High Power and Efficiency, with Low Volume and Cost. The integrated safety function ensure safe operation during system start up and shutdown, while having no impact on the switching performance of the GaN transistor.


Key features

  • Ultra-fast switching
  • Kelvin Source connection
  • Depletion Mode GaN in Normally-Off package
  • Top cooling fully isolated package (3.5KV)
  • No Reverse-Recovery charge
  • low On State resistance of 22mΩ
  • Low Gate Charge
  • High noise immunity with Vth >5V
  • Driven by standard 15V Si-MOSFET driver


  • On Board Chargers
  • PFC and DC-DC converters
  • Industrial motor inverters
  • Solar inverters

Key performance parameters

VDS650 V
QG41 nC
ID62 A

22mΩ-650V-Power FET