innovationnewsnetwork – Gallium Nitride: Powering the vehicles of the future

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Dr Tamara Baksht, Co-founder and CEO of VisIC Technologies, discusses the company’s innovations in Gallium Nitride technology set to transform the automotive industry.

December, 2022

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Israel, VisIC Technologies was launched with the goal of advancing Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology into mainstream use. After its initial team of GaN pioneers made several ground-breaking developments in device design, the company focused on applying such technologies to the automotive industry.

VisIC’s team steadily grew and development of robust transistor devices based on GaN technology began. The team arrived at an optimised design of one of the most reliable, high voltage, high current (650V, up to 200A per die) transistors. The unique D3GaN (Direct Drive D-mode) power switch technology for electric vehicles (EVs) is designed to enable use of smaller, lighter, and cheaper batteries and to provide the car with a more extended range.

In conversation with The Innovation Platform, Dr Tamara Baksht, Co-founder and CEO of VisIC Technologies, discusses the benefits of GaN and explains more about the company’s achievements so far and its future plans.