VisIC Technology at Axis Innovation’s flagship conference

February 11, 2020

VisIC Technologies, a GaN power semiconductor device leader in the fast-developing markets of Automotive, Data Centers and Industrial took part in the Axis Tel Aviv conference, held in Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, February 11, 2020.
Axis Tel Aviv is a unique opportunity to meet, learn, and network with leading members of the Israeli and international startup ecosystem.

The automotive industry is facing huge changes moving from the Internal Combustion Engine to Electrical Motor. Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology is an enabler to drive down the cost of electric vehicles and increase the efficient use of electricity. Increase the number of EV sales per year is heavily supported by governmental regulations. At the same time, the main challenges are to make more efficient and cost-effective electrical cars. The industry is looking for technology that will reduce battery and car costs. Today’s mainstream is Si technology and we already see the move to a more efficient technology such as SiC, successfully adopted in high-end solutions. To support the high demand (volume, performance, and reliability) the industry needs a solution that is higher performing and has a better economy of scale: which is GaN.
In this session, Dr. Tamara Baksht has highlighted how VisIC’s D3GaN solution supports the high demanding automotive requirements for motor inverter applications and the benefits of using it.