8mΩ D³GaN™ Half Bridge Evaluation Board


V08 Half Bridge Development Platform


The VDP-HB-S-VO8L is a half-bridge evaluation platform designed to evaluate the 8mΩ Power GaN transistor’s performance.

The 8mΩ GaN device has the lowest on-state resistance in the market with state-of-the-art switching performance.

This platform allows to verify both Datasheet parameters as well as high power tests.

Key Features

  • 2 x 8mOhm 650V VO8TC06551X11 GaN devices designed for the automotive market.
  • Operation up to 500V switching voltage and 18kW output power (depends on cooling solution)
  • Control is enabled by separate PWM signals for high and low side, at switching frequencies of up to 300kHz.
  • Optional current sense for “double pulse” Energy measurements (measurement example: 640uJ for 400V/150A)
  • PCB holes for direct measurement of switches case temperature with a thermal camera

8mΩ D³GaN™ Half Bridge Evaluation Board


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