Embedded PCB Technology with D3GAN™

In Cooperation with Vitesco & Schweizer


The embedded PCB technology opens a new chapter for power electronics. The technology enables us to build ultra-low inductance loops for power and signal connection of sub 1nH and will therefore reduce switching losses and overshoot significantly in hard switching applications. It is a viable alternative to conventional ceramic based over molded power modules which has significantly higher stray inductances.

With our partners of Schweizer Electronic AG and Vitesco Technologies GmbH we were implementing the 650V/22 & 8mOhm Gen 1  D3GAN™ switching cell into an embedded PCB half bridge solution to showcase the viability of GaN-on-Silicon technology to be embedded into next generation of power packaging.

The partner companies will continue to work to integrate higher current ratings and will update the market in a timely manner.


Key features

  • Ultra-Low power loop inductance
  • VisIC D3GaN Power GaN and Si embedded into PCB
  • Includes Drivers and AUX PSU and DC-Link ceramic capacitors


  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Traction Inverter
  • On Board Chargers

Key performance parameters

VDS650 V
QG41 nC
ID62 A