Based on D3GAN™ Gen 1 V08 Chips


Continuous Solutions designs, manufactures, and tests evaluation-level prototypes for power electronic systems. The 40kW three-phase cylindrical GaN inverter is their newest product (patent pending), focusing on increasing power efficiency, reducing size and weight, and providing accurate and reliable control for attached PMSM systems.
GaN devices lie at the forefront of the advanced wide-bandgap power electronics movement. Their design allows for the highest switching speeds on the market, reducing switching power losses and increasing  efficiency and power density.

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Continuous Solutions, Inc.

Key features

  • Liquid cooling system
  • USB and CAN communication
  • Fully closed-loop control scheme



  • Automotive control
  • Energy Generation/Conversion
  • Industrial Compact Drive



Rated Power40 kW
Maximum Voltage450V DC
Maximum Current100Arms
Technology VisIC V08TC065S1X11
Volume 1.4L1.4L
Power Density15.2 kW/kg
Power Density28.4 kW/L
Dimensions160mm ø x 70mm H