China New Energy Vehicle Summit 2021

GaN technology at the China New Energy Vehicle Summit

VisIC to present at the 4th China New Energy Vehicle Summit 2021

April 15-16, 2021

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao Floor 2 (Funtion1)

“Cost and Performance Benefits of VisIC D3GaN devices for 800V EV inverters

WBG power technology is fast becoming the technology of choice to replace Silicon power technology in EV Motor Drive to achieve better efficiency. It is commonly viewed that GaN technology will be used primarily in the 400V power-bus due to its lower cost compared to other WBG technologies, and SiC is commonly used in the high voltage 800V power-bus for higher power applications. The new 100kW inverter reference design from VisIC proves that GaN technology can also be used in the 800V power-bus applications, producing the most cost-effective solution for both 400V and 800V EV power-bus.

Based on VisIC’s unique D3GaN technology, this 100kW inverter reference design can be adapted to work both under 800V and 900V power-bus. The VisIC GaN devices have highly thermal efficient SMD packaging, high threshold voltage, fast switching, and easy paralleling for the most cost-effective, highly efficient, and reliable inverter solution for EV.

 The University of Texas at Austin and VisIC Technologies cooperated on the 100kW inverter reference design that can be used as a base for Inverter designs for EV, Industrial, PV, and other applications.


In China, the “New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Industry Development Plan from 2021-2035” in order to promote and stimulate high-quality, sustainable development of China’s new energy automotive industry. These plans have clarified the direction and opportunities for the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

The 4th China New Energy Vehicle Summit 2021 will gather about 150 auto industry experts and senior executives to focus on: the latest NEV technologies, innovative business models, potential developing opportunities. By attending this event, the attendees will get the most important industry intelligence. This summit will be an ideal platform for industry communication and corporation and help the attendees to target the business partners and potential customers.