Bodo’s WBG Event – The Annual Expert Meeting for SiC, GaN, and Related Topics

Wide bandgap materials, especially Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride, are the future of energy conversion designs. They help increase efficiency in today’s and tomorrow’s key technologies such as renewable energy, automotive, electric drives, industrial and consumer applications. But no design is complete without the right Passive Components and Magnetics. And on the way to the final design, you will need a lot of Test, Measurement and Simulation. We will cover these related topics at the event.  

Day 2 – GaN – November 30th, 2022

Gallium nitride helps increase the efficiency of systems with its physical properties. It performs well in low-voltage to line-voltage applications, enabling fast charging of smartphones, computers, power tools and more. GaN also offers reliability and thermal performance benefits. It is important to understand the device and its behavior to achieve the expected results.

About VisIC at the Event
Title: Is Gallium Nitride in Automotive feasible?
Speaker: Bernd Schmölzer, FAE Europe,  VisIC Technologies
Time: Nov 30th at 13:55 (G4)

Abstract: Gallium nitride transistors (GaN) are meanwhile mainstream in dedicated applications like chargers for phones, tablets etc. were high frequency operation makes sense to shrink the volume with increased efficiency. The first question which will be discussed here is, if GaN makes also sense in the automotive market with its special needs and requirements like the known AEC-Q101 standard. In addition, automotive must be splitted into its building blocks like the onboard charger, the main inverter, or replacement of relays via solid state disconnect switches. Does GaN fits everywhere and can replace IGBTs and SiC? The second question will answer why a depletion mode direct drive GaN transistor is preferable compared to other GaN solutions on the market especially for automotive.