800V 100kW 3-Phase GaN Inverter

Reference Design


The 3 Level flying capacitor Inverter is designedto showcase VisIC V22TC65S1A1 GaN devicescapabilities to improve 800V Electric Motorinverter systems by lowering the phase currentripple and improving drive cycle efficiency.This design also showcases the optimal heatdissipation design with its isolated top coolingSMT packaging solution with up to 100Armsoutput phase current. The 3-level topologyprovides lower total losses versus the standard2-level approach.The D3GaN power switches provide the bestperformance to improve efficiency and TCO. Thedesign is able to operate as a 3 level inverter inOpen Loop and in a Multi Pulse configuration.

Key features

  • Up to 800V DC input voltage
  • Up to 100Arms output current
  • 100kW output power
  • Control is enabled by an onboard TI MCU capable to run at 100kHz
  • Designed with only 2 x V22TC65S1A devices in parallel per switch
  • DC link capacitors
  • Cold plate
  • PCB holes for direct measurement of switches case temperature with a thermal camera
  • On board an isolated 15V auxiliary power supplies, half bridge gate drivers
  • The board and its User Guide serve as a reference for system design aspects of gate driver circuits, single or paralleled half bridge
    PCB layout, and thermal management.
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