7.2kW D³GaN™ Totem Pole PFC



This bidirectional 7.2kW Totem Pole PFC is designed to showcase VisIC 22mΩ Power GaN transistors capabilities to enhance the PFC performance, with doubling switching frequency, reducing size and power losses with half the number of GaN power switches.

It also showcases an optimal heat dissipation design with its isolated top cooling solution. The devices enhanced thermal performance and low overall losses enable high efficiency and high power density in hard-switching designs.

Both PFC and Grid-Tie inverter operations are available.

Key features

  • Only 2 GaN devices for 7.2kW full power PFC operation (no paralleling is needed)
  • Cold plate cooling solution provided
  • 140kHz switching frequency (with 280kHz possible)
  • High power density of above 130W/inch3
  • Double the power density of available products – 130W/inch3
  • High Efficiency above 98% (twice lower device losses then SiC)
  • Input 110V-265V / 45 -65Hz, 400V output.
  • TI controller board
  • GUI for operat ion control from PC
  • EMC filter included
  • The hardware and its User Guide serve as a reference for high power PFC design for On Board Chargers



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