7.2kW bidirectional Totem Pole PFC reference design

D3GaN power switch solution for automotive provides the best performance and cost-effective solution for high power On-Board-Chargers

August 24, 2021

VisIC Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce its new reference design for Totem Pole PFC aimed at OBC for electric vehicles. This reference design is another step in the ongoing effort to support our customers and improve the power conversion systems to fit the demanding size, cost, and efficiency targets for the automotive market. 

Today onboard-chargers embrace the bidirectional requirements of the V2G and G2V by using new topologies such as the Totem Pole PFC.

The 7.2kW bidirectional Totem Pole PFC
The 7.2kW bidirectional Totem Pole PFC

The new reference design from VisIC is aimed at the higher power segment of 7.2kW with increased efficiency, size, and cost structure.

Based on the VisIC V22TC65S1A 22mohm, 650V, 100A GaN device that is optimized for PFC stage, the design requires a single device per leg and achieves a power density above 130W/inch3 or 8kW/L, operating at 140kHz without paralleling GaN devices and giving an efficiency above 98%.

The reference design kit includes everything needed to operate the unit in both PFC and inverter modes, from the onboard firmware on MCU to the coldplate for high power operation, as well as all the design files.