6.6kW D³GaN™ On-Board Charger



This 6.6kW unidirectional OBC reference design showcases VisIC 22mΩ Power FET GaN transistors capability to enhance the OBC efficiency and increase power density with high switching frequency.
The OBC uses 6 GaN devices in total, 2 in Dual Boost Bridgeless PFC and 4 in the Full Bridge LLC with diode rectification.
VisIC GaN advantages enables reducing size of PFC inductors and LLC transformer with low power losses and minimal device count. It also showcases the optimal heat dissipation design with the package isolated top cooling solution.

Key features

  • HighPowerDensity of 3kW/L
  • Highefficiencyof 96%
  • Input90V-264V/ 47 -63Hz, single phase
  • Output240V– 420V
  • MaxPower 6.6kW, 20A
  • Liquid cooling through cold plate
  • Protections of Input UVP, OVP, OCP
  • PF at full load of 0.99
  • Load CC, CV and CR modes
  • CANAnalyst included with GUI for control and monitoring


 VisIC 22mOhm GaN Si MOSFET
Dimensions, mm230D x 170W x 60H450D x 200W x 70H
Weight, kg4.510
Power, kW6.66.6
Efficiency, %>96%93% - 94%
Power density, kW/L2.81.04
HV transistors count610

6.6kW D³GaN™ On-Board Charger


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