Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

UPS systems are a significant component in most electronic infrastructures especially those requiring high availability.  Every UPS topology includes numerous power converters which operate in Switch Mode.

In order to bypass the losses of these Switch Mode converters, UPS manufacturers developed an ECO operation mode which allows the power to flow directly to the load from the mains. When detecting a power failure, a fast bypass switch transfers the power through the converters.

VisIC GaN components can enhance almost every module inside a UPS system.

From High Voltage ultra-fast bypass switches to Inverter/Rectifier transistors, by allowing to operate in MHz switching frequencies with extremely low losses at high currents, a UPS system can be reduced in size, weight and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Power modules inside a UPS may include:

– PFC (AC/DC) Rectifier circuit operates at >200V.

– Battery Charger circuit operates at >400V.

– DC/AC Inverter Circuit operates at >400V.

– Bypass switch module operates at >200V.



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