Power Supply AC/DC

Switch Mode Power Supply systems (SMPS) are an integral part of every modern electronic product. From small VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) of several watts to large facility-level supplies of tens of Kilowatts.

Power modules inside a PSU may include:

  • PFC (AC/DC) Rectifier which may contain a diode bridge, or alternatively for higher efficiencies a bridgeless topology with the use of transistors.
  • DC/DC conversion module – from the advanced LLC topology to a standard buck converter switching power transistors are everywhere.
  • Output Rectifier module – consisting of either a diode rectifier or transistors operating at high currents.

In the power supply market efficiency, power density and cost are the major factors. By utilizing VisIC GaN components system designers are able to enhance all of these parameters.

With Best-In-Class switching losses, low On State Resistance and high reliability operating a high voltage high current transistor at MHz frequencies is a possibility leading to increased power density and decreased cost.



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