VisIC’s unique, patented technology employs dense transistor layout, multiple quantum well channels and low inductance, small footprint packaging to create the lowest Rdson, fast transistors and switches available.  Due to our unique combinations of technology we are able to offer these leadership transistors at low prices equivalent to silicon MOSFETs.

VisIC transistors and switches are normally-OFF as required for safety in most power conversion systems.  This is also the mode most used by power conversion system designers.  

VisIC’s products are all MISHEMT-based and are voltage-controlled like the MOSFETs used in most power system designs.  


VisIC believes GaN technology should be provided to OEMs at the same price, or lower, than similar Silicon MOSFETs so power conversion systems can quickly benefit from the increased efficiency and reduced system cost and size available with GaN. 

VisIC’s design of our power switching, Advanced Low Loss Switch (ALL-Switch) contains an original combination of components and achieves minimum conduction loss, a small footprint, fast switching and safe operation at an affordable system cost. 

VisIC’s ALL Switch design overcomes the major factors which have limited wide adoption of GaN transistors for power switching applications. 

ALL-Switch features:

  • A high positive threshold voltage of  >+5V, as opposed to the low threshold voltage (typically around 1V) of existing GaN E- mode transistors.  As a result, VisIC’s ALL- Switch has much higher EMI immunity in high voltage systems where high current transitions can cause voltage spikes.

  • Record low on-state resistance (RDSON).

  • High breakdown voltage of more than 800V enabling safe blocking voltage up to 650 V.

  • Low voltage drop for reverse conductivity operation.

  • An SMT package with high voltage internal electrical isolation and low thermal     resistance.

The GaN HEMT transistor in ALL-Switch is currently manufactured on 150mm GaN-on-Si wafers, and:

  • Switches with no recovery time.

  • Has the lowest RDSON of any available GaN transistor.

  • Has the highest margin in the maximum rating of critical device parameters to provide  designers unambiguous advantages  for efficient, small volume, and low cost system designs.

The result is the best–in-class V22N65A 650V / 80A device with exceptional switching capability not realizable until now in Si or in GaN and SiC technologies.
This high power density technology is readily scalable to higher currents and blocking voltages, keeping all the advantages of GaN HEMTS for low loss, high frequency switching operation. 


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