Management Team

Kobi Ben-Zvi, MSc, VisIC Chairman of the Board

Kobi’s background education and work experience have both been in Israel and the U.S. Kobi started in National Semiconductor and then became a design manager in   Motorola Semiconductor when Motorola established a design center in Israel.  Kobi led the design team that developed Motorola’s Network Communications product line that  continues to exist as a major product line in Freescale Semiconductor. After leading the Communications Business Unit, Kobi led the joint IBM-Motorola PowerPC design  center. Kobi co-founded Wintegra with Robert O’Dell in 2000 and built a profitable network processor business that was purchased by PMC-Sierra in 2010. Kobi led the WIN business unit, and also the PON business unit, as VP and  General Manager.  Kobi left PMC-Sierra in early 2013 and mentors semiconductor businesses in  Israel.

Dr. Tamara Baksht, Founder, VisIC CEO

Tamara’s background education and work experience are from Tomsk State University in Russia with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University and further work at Gal El (MMIC). Tamara has 8 years of experience running multi-disciplinary GaN projects, defining work plans, budgeting, reporting, transferring products to production and providing customer support. Tamara received grants from Chief Science Office, MAFAT, and BIRD Foundation. The last major pre-VisIC achievement was completion of Phase I of a multi-million USD, multi-year GaN program in Agust 2009, one year ahead of the initial schedule.

Gregory Bunin, MSc, Founder, VisIC CTO

Gregory’s background education and work experience were in Moscow, Russia at     leading semiconductor centers, MIET & PULSAR. In Israel Gregory worked in the     Weizmann Institute of Science, ELTA and Gal El (MMIC).  Gregory has more than     30 years’ experience in compound semiconductor technology development, including more than 20 years’ experience in management of multi-disciplinary research and Development teams. Gregory’s last pre-VisIC major  achievement was completing design of a state-of-the-art GaN RF high power amplifier in October 2009.  The design met all customer specifications.

Arthur Miller, MSc, VP Business Development

Art brings to VisiC over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry in business development, business management, engineering management and program management positions.  During this time he has worked inn a diverse range of applications: microprocessors, both wireless and wireline communications, cellular applications processors and base stations, and even smart cards.  In gaining this experience Art has worked with both large semiconductor companies – Motorola  Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Intel and Marvell – and smaller  companies and  startups – Zilog, Virata and PMC-Sierra with customers and development teams throughout North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Art is chartered to apply his experience to VisIC’s customer and partner relationships to grow VisIC at a rapid rate.  Art’s Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is from the U.S. A.F. Academy, his Master in Electrical Engineering is from MIT, and his MBA is from St. Edward’s.

Eli Zenouda, MSc, Director Sales and Marketing

Eli’s has international experience in electronics developed during more than 20 years  of customer applications and sales roles. Eli started as Field Application Engineer,  moved to Sales and then become Sales Director at National Semiconductor in Israel. Subsequently he represented Fairchild Semiconductor in Israel. Eli will apply his ability to understand customer requirements and then to match those requirements to VisIC’s new product developments. Eli’s experience as a key contributor in launching new products and technologies will ensure our customers are served well by our sales and distribution programs. Eli received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering & Physics at the JVC University and his Master with distinction at BGU.

Lev Stessin, MSc, VP of Packaging

Lev has 47 years in production and design of power semiconductor products. Started as process engineer on Si FAB in Moscow, Russia.  Made his way to Manager of department of yield enhancement in semiconductor production division of Pulsar Company, Moscow, Russia. After immigration in Israel joined Microwave division of ELTA Systems, a Subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industry. Worked on development and production of state of the art microwave devices and Transmit/Receive modules. Finished his work at ELTA as a Chief of technology of MW division of ELTA Systems. Joined VisIC on 2011 as VP Packaging. Develops of VisIC packaging technology as well as innovative die topology.

Giora Levin, BSc, VP Product

Giora has 25 years of power electronics design. started from team leader to R&D Manager in leading Israeli companies, as Gamatronic, ELOP, Power electronics, Elbit. Giora holds a number of patents in power electronics conversions. He Joined VisIC on 2016 as VP Product. Giora’s BSc EE in Electrical engineering is from the Technion Haifa.

Yuval Rozen, Chief Financial Officer

Joined VisIC as Chief Financial Officer in 2016. Yuval brings 20 years of experience of management and executive experience, leading finance for international technology companies. Previously CFO at Spondoolies, Cheetah Medical and Discretix. A certified public accountant. B.A. in Economics and Accounting and M.B.A. both from Bar-Ilan University.


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