About us

We are true to our name:

Vis (noun; Latin) – strength; force; power

IC (in Electronics) – integrated circuit


To cut pointless losses and bring more energy at lower cost to people. We are committed to make better power semiconductor components, using our core technology which provides step function improvements in size and cost of energy conversion systems.


VisIC Technologies was founded in 2010 to develop and market high power component products based upon compound semiconductor Gallium Nitride (GaN) aiming to replace most of the Silicon (Si) products used in power conversion systems. Core team are experts in GaN device and technology. VisIC’s products are unique, differentiated products providing the features system designers need, along with significant cost and performance advantages.

Our Technology is scalable: world first 1200V Commercial GaN Intelligent Power Modules

VisIC’s unique, patented technology is based on deep knowledge of GaN transistor physics. It employs GaN die design for high efficiency and advanced embedding packaging to create fast devices. Our devices have small fot print and record performance to price ratio.

ALL-Switch (Advanced Low Loss Switch) line: 650V and 1200V ALL-Switch is a System In Package (SIP) switch. Safe operating functions are integrated within the package, featured low RDSON, exceptionally fast switching performance and conveniently small footprint. ALL Switch products are very effective in applications requiring high efficiency, high power density and low cost.


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